DN38 – State of the Nation

The task for DN38 was to make a

State of the nation -

A commentary on a current issue in society. To actually make a statement with music, once and for all! Hear This!

DN37 – No compromise!

It is easy to be a covard! Not taking the full step forward is comfortable. But to stay in your comfort zone, in the known areas, whether it is a technical area or area of personal expression or feelings is the enemy of development. And development is central to Dogma Noveau! So to expand our kingdoms we need to contest the enemy of the known without compromising. Listen to the results of this.

DN36 [Date: xx1201] [YYMMDD]

We felt at the last meeting an attraction to dates washing over us. Dates are abstract constructions of points of history. Pointers to shared experience as a human race. But we had to chose one date! After long discussions the choice was 12-12-01 (yy-mm-dd).

DN35 Personal ‘issues’

After the last round of tracks at DN 34 there were strong consensus on the importance of everyone dealing with their ‘issues’. This resulted in a never seen before DOGM, that was uniquely crafted for each of the members. The results were just as unique and personal. Listen here!

DN34 producing for competition

The task of the 34th Dogma round was to submit one or two contributions for the Bleep:filtered contest. Listen to our submissions right here at the Dogma Noveau site. At the hour of writing, the winners of the competition has not been officially announced. However, Dogma Novau feel as winners at all times.

DN30 through 33 Round Up

Dear Dogma Noveau followers,

We apologize for not updating the site for a long time. It will not happen again <sound of whip>. While you have been patiently waiting, we have been diligently creating new experimental electronic music. In fact we have been through four DN sessions in the last months. All the music can be found in the Output page or via the links below. Enjoy!

Links:  DN30 / DN31 / DN32 / DN33

Visual interpretations of DN29

In the latest issue of Dogma Noveau, held at Feb 10 in the snowy city of Linköping, the task was to make music from three pictures chosen from the web archive. You can hear the very different interpretations today.

DN28 – the vintage years

Yesterday was vintage day, according to Dogma Noveau. We gathered in the studio to present the songs we had dug up from our childhood and beyond. The Dogma: Make a song that sounds like it was published before 1980.

Have a listen to Dogma 28.

DN27 Autumn gathering

Friday 29th of October was a Dogma-day. Soup was prepared and sound equipment was checked before use in the old heating central at the center of Norrköping.

Collaboration was the challange for DN27 (Listen to the results).

We were also honored with the presence of an international guest. Check out his label KVIST.

Collaboration 3n+1 Released

Between May and August 2010 we have been running another side project focusing on collaboration. The result of this project is 10+ minutes of semi-ambient sonic stimulus for your aural enjoyment.The concept is and resulting music are presented at the Collaboration 3n+1 page. Enjoy!