DN 47 – Something old…

Sometimes this kind of dogm falls from an open sky and causes inspiration to happen. Often the result is hard to relate exactly to the dogm. The process is like a black box of human-machine interaction. So when the dogm is: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, it sounds like this…

DN 46 – Chaos A new beginning

Being boys grown up doing the (first) cold war, we know how to live with the feeling of chaos and destruction being close. But when coming to acceptance of that chaos, we have hopes for a new world.

You are advised to take a minute to reflect on the above before listening to what that actually sound like.

Dn 45 – Glide

The task för the forty-fifth round of worms to crawl into the open was to GLIDE. And so they did at 1st of Nov 2012. Some short and some long.


DN 44 – Kunstmusik

Lots of Dogma music over the years could be classified as what i German is called ‘Kunstmusik’. This time even more so. Just overdo it!


DN 43 – 80s pop

Ok, it was inevitable it would happen sooner or later. The forty-third round just happened to be the time. A historical low in attendance as well…


DN41 – oriental

To break the limits of the western music making mindset, we decided to go east. And did we deliver?!

DN40 – live

DN40 is a live performance that was broadcasted globally via BFW Recordings 2 June 2012. Hear the so far released material here. 


DN39 – Strings

The task for DN39 was to make a track including strings.
Of course abuse of strings in any way is prescribed and recommended strongly.



DN38 – State of the Nation

The task for DN38 was to make a

State of the nation -

A commentary on a current issue in society. To actually make a statement with music, once and for all! Hear This!

DN37 – No compromise!

It is easy to be a covard! Not taking the full step forward is comfortable. But to stay in your comfort zone, in the known areas, whether it is a technical area or area of personal expression or feelings is the enemy of development. And development is central to Dogma Noveau! So to expand our kingdoms we need to contest the enemy of the known without compromising. Listen to the results of this.